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When it comes to top-notch security guard companies, TX Patrol Security is an unbeatable name. Being one of the top private security companies, the security guard services we offer in Houston are synonymous with excellence, reliability and admirable professionalism. Whether our patrol cars ride along extremely busy business districts, or quietly stationed in streets of your residential vicinities, we never fail to deliver the maximum level of crime deterrence and vigilance.

Security patrol services we offer are increasingly becoming the first preference of many business organizations and domestic communities. The biggest reason behind it is that we patrol effectively, protect lives and assets from potential culprits without putting a dent on your budget. Mobile patrols are carried out by our super trained officers who randomly, yet repeatedly keep on visiting your location and perform thorough inspections.

 Our security guards are trained in a way that they give you comprehensive security that any on-site security guards would provide, either external, internal or both. The services that our patrol units and private security guards include checking doors and windows, disarming and arming alarms, locking buildings, escorting your employees or guests to their vehicles, removing loiterers, searching indications of wrongdoing and possible dangers, and most importantly deterring potential crooks.


Our objectives is to guard and protect private and commercial properties in our care and make them safe and secure.


Provide outstanding customer service and protect assets while managing building security.


Our Security Guard and Patrol Service provides public and private companies in Texas with qualified armed and unarmed uniform security guards.


At TX Security Patrol, we believe in the traditional values of Honesty, Integrity and Service, we feel a deep loyalty to our clients.

Deter against theft and trespass by providing security services on site to protect your assets, materials, inventory and employees 24/7.

Provide the safety and security to your Home Owners while they are away at work, on vacation, on business trips etc.

Deter shoplifting, break-ins or muggings by creating a safe environment that attracts consumers.

Protect your infrastructure and equipment daily and on weekends. Most break-in and stolen equipments happens when no one is around.  

Employ our CERT TEAM (Critical Enforcement Response Team) for apartments with high levels of crime and violence.

Top Security Guard Company in Texas

You might have spotted us in white trucks and patrol cars with the shields of TX Patrol Security proudly displayed along with alerting light bars installed at their top. These powerful vehicles signify our exceptional patrol and guard services that are operated by highly trained women and men providing top notch commercial security services by securing your business and personal assets.

Our mobile patrols carry out exterior and drive-by checks of your business irrespective of its size and nature. Patrols play a massive role in the initial detection of water leakages and fire, aversion and prevention of vandalism, and both exterior and interior security. Our cars patrol buildings numerous times every night, and each of them can be done differently according to your unique needs. TX Patrol Security patrols a wide assortment of residential and business areas, from apartment complexes to construction buildings. You can always count on us no matter the time or location that needs to be secured.