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John Smith –

Welcome to our Homepage
TX security providing security services for both home and commercial properties Texas

We are a security service company licensed in the state of Texas to provide security and protective services.
Our philosophy of security focuses on protecting both private and commercial properties in the business world.
Our officers provide a highly visible presence on the property, deterring crime and other unwanted activities. TX Security is committed in selecting the best men and women in the security services field. Our officers are trained and certified by various law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Texas. More importantly, TX Security is a liability conscious company focused on meeting your security needs.
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Who We Are
we specializing in corporate|VIP escort officers,property,complexes and special events.

Our objectives is to guard and protect private and commercial properties in our care and make them safe and secure.

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High security is heavily recommended to protect people and properties.

At TX Security Patrol, we believe in the traditional values of Honesty, Integrity and Service, we feel a deep loyalty to our clients.

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TX Security Guard and Patrol Services is a professional, licensed in the state of Texas.

Our Security Guard and Patrol Service provides public and private companies in Texas with qualified armed and unarmed uniform security guards.

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